It’s here! Again! Flashman 01!

(That’s right! We can’t believe it either!)

Oh yeah people, the dream has come true! One more time! Flashman 01 is here for all of you to enjoy!

Ok, I’m gonna stop it now… Seriously, there’s not much to say about it, it’s the first episode (of many, I hope). I hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed subbing it. As always, please leave feedback on the comments so that we can improve even more on the future releases.

Someone new’s notes:

  • There’s two subtitle tracks because some people thought the styling here and there was distracting, so if you think that as well you can change to the secondary track.
  • A huge thanks for the people at Toku BRewing Inc. for the advice and help they gave during this whole process.
  • Some of the scenes Ra Deus is watching around 02:00 are the same ones that appear on Bioman’s opening for the first 10 episodes.

Shourikan’s disclaimer:

  • This, being our first actual release with me as a translator, marks my debut as a tokusatsu fansubber, and as a translator overall. I really hope it is up to everyone’s standards. Flashman is a great show, and I really wanted to enable everyone to watch and enjoy it the same much as I did. Mad thanks to Someone New, without whom this project would be nothing but an idea in my head and a few scripts on my computer, and to everyone who helped us on this release. The people over @RampageSubs come to mind. Guys, without you all I’d never come as far as releasing an actual episode into the wild. Here’s to hoping you all can keep going with us until the very end of the show!

Links (Updated v2):



  1. I’m so glad that the ocidental fandom will finally be able do watch this wonderful series!
    You guys should be really proud of it. We are all looking forward for your succes.
    Keep up the good work.



  2. Ohhh. So, that’s why there was two different subtitle tracks when I was hardsubbing…I’ll be sure to make a version of both, then! So happy about the first release, I wish LFSSS the best of luck!


  3. wow, your sub is excellent, I hope to see more episode in the future :3
    and would you upload script file for the ones who download bunnyhat raws already? :3


  4. Congratulations with your first actual release as a translator Shourikan, you did a amazing job in the translation of the episode, so keep it up:)
    (And of course to the others who was involved in the work of this episode)

    No offences, but I am not a fan of the yellow subs track. I really hate yellow subs ever since I first time saw that in a movie. I am hoping that clean subs track are gonna stick to the endXD
    (Just my opinion though, but if you want to include two subs track anyway, that is fine to me, but it is just extra work for you guys which I am really not fond of)


    1. Well that depends on how much work is done and general availability of group members but normally it will take 2-5 days for a episode… so you gonna expect 1-2 episode per week. (I thinkXD)


      1. I plan on doing a post to explain some stuff that is going on behind the curtains, I think you all will be very pleased in knowing it. I’ll make sure to answer this question there as well (for now I’ll leave a mystery in the air).


  5. Just saw your first episode.

    I don’t speak Japanese so i can’t say anything about the translation but it looked coherent. The only “weird” thing i noticed was when Jin say “Tank Command Missile” in English, the sub “Tank Command, fire !”.

    I like the edit. The yellow subs don’t really bother me but i think it’s a nice idea to give the choice between two scripts. As long as it’s readable, it’s fine for me.

    As for the episode itself, i really liked it. It gives you every information you need to know in a first episode and had some cool actions. The only thing that bother me is that they didn’t really do anything with Lou. You can see a bit of personality for each character except her. But hey, that’s just the 1st episode.

    So overall, i think you did a good job but like i said, i Can’t speak Japanese.

    PS: I have a question for the 2 movies… Well, the first one since the 2nd movie is just 2-3 episodes of the serie… From what i heard, it aired after episode 2 or 3 so will you release it after those episodes or wait the end of the serie ?


    1. Thanks for watching, and thanks for warning us about that cohesion mistake, we’ll fix it right now.

      I kinda agree with you on the Lou thing, but we saw more of her moves than the others (even though it’s painful for me to watch those old effects), so it kinda evens out.

      About your movies question, I’ll do a post later this week explaining more about it. But yeah, itt will be an “episode 02,5”.


      1. From what I have found out which I assume “someone new” already checked out (and will talk about it in the next post) that :

        Choushinsei Flashman: The Movie ( This movie can occur anytime between episodes 2 and 15, but easily fits between 2 and 3. The movie came out in 1986)

        Choushinsei Flashman: Big Rally! Titan Boy! ( it is a theatrical edit of episodes 15 to 18, and this movie came out in 1987)
        Funny note about the movie that it was the last Super Sentai movie to be simply a theatrical version of one or more episodes.

        Air Dates: March 1, 1986 to February 21, 1987

        Episode 1-43 was aired in 1986
        Episode 44-end was aired in 1987


  6. I noticed something wrong with the episode: At 6:45 it should say “What a waste of time.”
    I already emailed Shourikan or Someone New about this, though.


      1. It’s a new Brazilian forum for the members of Rampage Subs and BR members of LFSSS. They gave a lot of helpful advice while we we’re in the production of the episode.


  7. You made a mistake:

    Wednesday, August 13th:
    Battle Fever J 35 by nemet

    Tuesday, August 12th:
    Battle Fever J 35 by nemet

    It should had been episode 36 instead of 35 in august 13thXD


    1. Actually, it was me… I thought it would be a good idea to do some visuals for the website. Thanks for finding it “awesome” jfbladex!


    1. Yeah, I used to use them frequently, but one day the site was offline because they couldn’t pay the server or something. Glad to hear they’re back as well!

      The website is mostly in Portuguese and hosts more Portuguese subs as well, but there’s a few in other languages yeah.

      If someone around here likes Metal Heroes, they have the whole Gavan series subbed in English.


  8. wow….. it is nearly end of october… still.. no news on batch of ep 1 to 5. I can wait, but then it’s not nice give people some false hope regarding ur release.


    1. Things have been way busier than expected to some people in our group so yeah, there was a longer delay than I imagined.
      We all appreciate the patience, but I’m not going to give you a new ETA since it appears that every time I state one stuff happens and the ETA is not fulfilled, so I’m just gonna say “it’s coming”.


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