How long has it been!?

(Because it kinda feels like a 100 years for me)

Hey people! Sorry I’ve been so long without posting anything, I was just to lazy to do it. It’s great to hear that people liked the liked the first episode, in my opinion it was one of the coolest firsts I’ve seen so far on Sentai, and I think the series itself might be one of the bests as well.

Anyway, moving on to the updates:

  • Schedule: A lot of people have been asking how frequent will the episodes’ releases, and by now you must have noticed it will no be weekly, because we will be doing batches of 5 episodes for each release. This gives us more time to correct and rethink stuff here and there, but also gives you all a good amount of episodes until the next batch. The first batch will have some changes on the typeset style (fonts, sizes, more styles as well; episode 01 included).
  • Movies: People have also been questioning about what we’ll do about the movies. Well, the first movie aired and fits between episodes 02 and 03 (so “02.5”), so that’s when we’ll release it as well, as for the second movie (which is just a theatrical edit of episodes 15 to 18) will be done as well and will be released on the fourth batch of episodes (16 to 20).
  • Status:  We don’t have a release date for the first batch yet, but you’ll be glad to know that episode 02 has already been translated and now we’re going through the movie. Also, first batch will include episodes 01 to 05 + Movie 1.
  • Jobs Available: We’re still in need of an editor to make the lines feel more casual (or else the characters all sound like robots), and now that Shourikan got a job we’re also looking for a timer. nemet has already stood up for it!

So yeah , that’s it for now. The movement is going to even slower around here (I intended to do a post every Monday but I’m just too lazy for it), but I’ll drop you a post every now and then so make sure to visit us any time you can! Until later, people.

P.S. Angel (one of our QC’ers) and Shourikan have been cooking up a new fansub that will debut very soon with another Sentai. So yeah, one more getting subbed, be on the lookout for them. I’ll make a post linking to them when they are officially started.

P.S.S. Congratulations for the team of MegaBeast Empire for finishing Kanpai Senshi After V!!! It was a fun parody of Sentai for a change of pace, and it features some faces known for toku (no one from Sentai, ironically), so make sure to watch it as well. And keep up the good work, MBE!

P.S.S.S. Be on the lookout for nemet as he’s almost finishing his transcribing on Battle Fever J.



  1. Yes, good god I’m nearly done! And at that point I’ll be free! FREEEEEE!!!!
    ….to help out other folks like yourselves.
    I can help you out with editing and timing if you like. Lord knows I’ve tried to make the lines in BFJ sound less dumb than the original translators wrote them, while being readable in the time they have on screen, while still conveying the same information.

    You guys know how to get in touch with me.



  2. I don’t mind the 5 episodes batch thing. I think it’s a good idea. I really enjoyed the first episode so i Can’t wait to see the rest of the serie.

    Can’t wait to see Angel and Shourikan’s project. Hope it’s Denziman or Turboranger. I always wanted to watch Denziman. A french fansub group did the movie and i loved it.

    As for Turboranger, i recently watched the first 2 episodes subbed by Evolution Fansub and the movie subbed by a french fansub group and i thought it was interisting. I heard a lot of bad things about this show so i want to see if it’s really that bad.

    Goggle V is also a great show. Really underated IMO. I think it had an original concept and great characters. Too bad kids who watched Gokaiger will only remember them as “the Ribbon Sentai” because they had so many other attacks and weapons :/

    But no matter what it is, i ‘ml be happy to see another Sentai subbed. I’ll definitly watch it and give some feedback like i did for Flashman.

    Can’t wait to see what it is 😀


    1. Apparently, Goggle V got some English subs that are modified from the Brazilian dub, on Nyaa. They are .ass files, though, so the BunnyHat raw files have to be renamed for them to be displayed.


      1. It’s not that their bad. They are just a bit… Terrible, awful, mostly unwatchable and make nosense most of the time XD.

        Anyway, good luck with your new project. Can’t wait to see what it is. Hope it comes soon 😉


    2. I can’t say anything yet, but you guys are all in for a treat! Please look forward to what my partnership with Angel will bring us. And thanks for everyone’s support on Flashman, please look forward to that too.


  3. Thanks for the update, I was actually getting worried about you guys but is happy that things are going well:D
    I think that release a batch consisting of 5 episodes for each relaese is a good idea!
    Anyway good luck!

    P.S: Nemet has never done anything abaranger things yesterday… it is anotherimaginationstationXD


  4. I was wondering, could you guys give me a shout out please? Since January, I’ve independently done edits of Overtime’s Gokaiger and Go-Busters subs, and Aesir’s Gaim subs for the Blu-Rays, and I’ve finally gotten around to making a blog for my progress. Unlike other groups like Free Joker, I do two versions, one original, one edited, so how about a mention please?

    And on Twitter:



    1. Those… are really pedantic edits. All you’re doing is untranslating things. Okay, fair enough, I presume you’re at least somewhat re-timing them to the bluray videos, and you’re keeping in the proper subbed versions as well, but still.


  5. At last, a new crew of subbers that actually know what they’re doing!

    All cautious optimism aside, I am curious as to what Angel and Shourikan’s project is. It would be nice if it is Dynaman, since the early Soda period would be pretty much covered this way. If not, I wouldn’t mind if it’s Denziman, since Machiko Soga’s debut as a main villainess deserves to be seen.

    At any rate, good luck with Flashman!


    1. This isn’t really my place to say, but it’s been a few days and you still haven’t been replied to, so I might as well. I’d say that Flash is like halfway through it’s batch quota, and may be released soonish. If I had to guess, I’d say you could possibly expect it some time next month. I think that the movie is to be included in the first batch as well, and I know that the timing for it is done at least. As for the other group, it’s probably just some made up mumbo jumbo, man.


      1. Sorry for not answering the question, I was without internet since Tuesday morning, but it’s basically what Angel said (well…)


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