The Post We Didn’t Want to Make

Well, well, well. Been six months of no news again, right? Sorry about that, I just thought everyone had forgotten about this place, tbh. Today (yesterday depending on timezones), we got an email notification of a new comment, and I thought it wouldn’t be fair to leave the few remaining fans in the dark.

As you might have noticed, this project is as dead as dead can be. Think Black Condor, that’s how dead it is.

Reasons for this are multiple, but basically I have been swamped with work in all my other projects, and kinda lost contact with Someone New, anyway. He, on the other hand, never got back to me with the episodes we already had. Since I never had contact with the other guys on the team, I couldn’t even ask them whether they received those episodes, and if any work was being done on them.

There’s another reason I’ve hesitated in declaring this dead, and that would be that it’s not my place to do so, since I was never the sole person responsible, much less the only person involved. To all the other guys who helped us in this (failed) venture, thank you for everything. This has been my first group, and no matter how much it didn’t work out in the end, it opened a whole new world for me. A big thank you to everyone who watched our release, too, and gave us feedback.

Well, see you all, then. Hopefully you will follow any future projects our members may have, and hopefully someone will one day bring us joy in the form of fansubbed Flashman. Bye, guys!



  1. This is sad to hear…I hate to see group fall for any reason. We need more groups since so many are seemingly busy with irl stuff or too many projects. But I wish all of you luck in all the things you are doing and other things you venture onto.


      1. What were you hoping to help out with? L&C is doing just fine so we don’t really need anybody else at the moment, but maybe I could you some recommendations? :X

        If you meant LFSSS, well, it’s been long dead so yeah… ;___;


    1. Sorry, you didn’t reply to me so I wasn’t alerted that you posted this and yeah… I don’t know, maybe we could direct you to a group that IS looking for help? But we definitely don’t need any more staff, thank you though ^^


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