About Us (WIP)

Our Goal:
We are a group with one goal in mind: finish subbing all of Super Sentai!  We are a place where those who want to help can come together and form new subbing groups, or join established groups, or just spread the word that we need help!  There is strength in numbers, and who knows… and now that we got the right people on board, we also make some releases of our own!

Our Staff:
Nemet: Timer and Editor.
Other Jobs: Timer, Transcriber, Editor and Distributor for Nemet subs and QC and occasional Editor for Love & Care fansubs.

Shourikan: Translator and occasional Timer and torrent Distributor.
Other Jobs: Translator and torrent Distributor for Love & Care fansubs and TLC for Rampage Subs.

Someone new: Typesetter, DDL Distributor and occasional Editor and Timing Checker.
Other Jobs: First Job!

Angel: QC’er, .MP4 Encoder and Distributor.
Other Jobs: Encoder for Nemet subs and Timer, Typesetter, Encoder and Distributor for Love & Care fansubs.

GMranger88: QC’er.
Other Jobs: ?

SkyFly1112: QC’er.
Other Jobs: ?

ThaPrestige: QC’er.
Other Jobs: ?

Our Projects:

  • Dengeki Sentai/Blitzkrieg Squadron Changeman: dropped, 01/57 (55 episodes + 2 movies)
  • Choushinsei/Supernova Flashman: in progress, 01/52 (50 episodes + 2 movies)

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