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Fast (as Turbo) Updates

(Read until the end and the picture choice will make sense, I promise!!)

Hello, you all! You guys by now are probably wondering if the blog is dead from the lack of movement this last month, and I’m here just to say WE’RE NOT DEAD! Things just have been moving a little slow so I didn’t really feel the need to write a new post for every single little thing that happened, but I think that from now on I’ll use our Google+ page for it. Well, with that out of the way, let’s go to the little updates:

  • There’s been some changes, mostly from my part, since I decided to follow the advice some people gave me and use different fonts for different styles and for all the time they talk, instead just doing their Prism Flash or when they summon weapons and mecha, and of course, when we release our first batch there’ll be 2 subtitle tracks for the people that find the colors distracting. Also, after the style change I obviously went back and updated the Promo and episodes 01 and 02, so don’t worry about style differences.
  • With Nemet now on the team you guys can expect a little more polishing on the script so that the characters don’t sound like A) they’re robots or B) they’re all the same person.
  • Timing, translation and typesetting for the Movie (02.5) and episode 03 are done, I’m just waiting for the QC input, Nemet has finished 04’s timing and Shourikan has told me he already translated half of it as well, so I’d give an ETA of 2 or 3 weeks until we release batch 1.

I think this is all I have to say about us, but there’s one thing left. Remember the new fansub I told you guys about that Angel, Shourikan and Nemet (I wasn’t aware he was on it at the time, sorry) were building? Well, they’ve dropped it. I’m kidding of course! Here’s their first post with their first project’s first episode! I wish you guys all the luck to finish it, and I really hope you guys make it until the end, Turboranger has always been on my top 5, I just didn’t find the courage to watch it before (plus, their Theme Song is just so awesome!!)

Well, for now that’s all folks, keep an eye on the Google+ page because I’m going to use it for the little updates as soon as I receive ’em. Until then, Someone new here logging off.


How long has it been!?

(Because it kinda feels like a 100 years for me)

Hey people! Sorry I’ve been so long without posting anything, I was just to lazy to do it. It’s great to hear that people liked the liked the first episode, in my opinion it was one of the coolest firsts I’ve seen so far on Sentai, and I think the series itself might be one of the bests as well.

Anyway, moving on to the updates:

  • Schedule: A lot of people have been asking how frequent will the episodes’ releases, and by now you must have noticed it will no be weekly, because we will be doing batches of 5 episodes for each release. This gives us more time to correct and rethink stuff here and there, but also gives you all a good amount of episodes until the next batch. The first batch will have some changes on the typeset style (fonts, sizes, more styles as well; episode 01 included).
  • Movies: People have also been questioning about what we’ll do about the movies. Well, the first movie aired and fits between episodes 02 and 03 (so “02.5”), so that’s when we’ll release it as well, as for the second movie (which is just a theatrical edit of episodes 15 to 18) will be done as well and will be released on the fourth batch of episodes (16 to 20).
  • Status:  We don’t have a release date for the first batch yet, but you’ll be glad to know that episode 02 has already been translated and now we’re going through the movie. Also, first batch will include episodes 01 to 05 + Movie 1.
  • Jobs Available: We’re still in need of an editor to make the lines feel more casual (or else the characters all sound like robots), and now that Shourikan got a job we’re also looking for a timer. nemet has already stood up for it!

So yeah , that’s it for now. The movement is going to even slower around here (I intended to do a post every Monday but I’m just too lazy for it), but I’ll drop you a post every now and then so make sure to visit us any time you can! Until later, people.

P.S. Angel (one of our QC’ers) and Shourikan have been cooking up a new fansub that will debut very soon with another Sentai. So yeah, one more getting subbed, be on the lookout for them. I’ll make a post linking to them when they are officially started.

P.S.S. Congratulations for the team of MegaBeast Empire for finishing Kanpai Senshi After V!!! It was a fun parody of Sentai for a change of pace, and it features some faces known for toku (no one from Sentai, ironically), so make sure to watch it as well. And keep up the good work, MBE!

P.S.S.S. Be on the lookout for nemet as he’s almost finishing his transcribing on Battle Fever J.

It’s here! Again! Flashman 01!

(That’s right! We can’t believe it either!)

Oh yeah people, the dream has come true! One more time! Flashman 01 is here for all of you to enjoy!

Ok, I’m gonna stop it now… Seriously, there’s not much to say about it, it’s the first episode (of many, I hope). I hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed subbing it. As always, please leave feedback on the comments so that we can improve even more on the future releases.

Someone new’s notes:

  • There’s two subtitle tracks because some people thought the styling here and there was distracting, so if you think that as well you can change to the secondary track.
  • A huge thanks for the people at Toku BRewing Inc. for the advice and help they gave during this whole process.
  • Some of the scenes Ra Deus is watching around 02:00 are the same ones that appear on Bioman’s opening for the first 10 episodes.

Shourikan’s disclaimer:

  • This, being our first actual release with me as a translator, marks my debut as a tokusatsu fansubber, and as a translator overall. I really hope it is up to everyone’s standards. Flashman is a great show, and I really wanted to enable everyone to watch and enjoy it the same much as I did. Mad thanks to Someone New, without whom this project would be nothing but an idea in my head and a few scripts on my computer, and to everyone who helped us on this release. The people over @RampageSubs come to mind. Guys, without you all I’d never come as far as releasing an actual episode into the wild. Here’s to hoping you all can keep going with us until the very end of the show!

Links (Updated v2):

Three General Websites

(The pun is as Kakuranger-centric as it could get, but you guys get the gist, right!?)

So yeah, long time no post, right? Since I don’t have enough imagination (or patience) to come up with a new post every night, I’m gonna put it out there and say that things be moving slowly on the blogs from now on. And if you read it right you’ll see that I typed “blogs”, in plural be cause we now will have 2 of them!

Presenting our new Google+ page! We will probably update more here than there, but now you all have another place comment if you’d like.

And if you access the page, you’ll notice there’s a video in there, and it’s our subbed version of Flashman’s promo! Which makes me say 2 things:

  1. Yes, we will in fact be doing Flashman from now on. I’ll explain more about it on the first episode release post, which by the way may come a lot sooner than I expected since our new translator Shourikan has translated it already!  Now it’s just a matter of m getting off of my lazy but to do what I should.
  2. YAY! We have an YouTube channel now! We will not use it that much, it will be more like a online portfolio of some sorts. The only video right now is Flash’s Promo, but if you guys have any suggestions of what we could do just comment in there. And oh yeah: Subscribe! And oh yeah #2: We will NOT be uploading episodes into the channel.

Also, since this is such a news round-up, I’d like to introduce out new main staff:

  • Translator/Timer: Shourikan
  • Typesetter (Styles): Someone New
  • QC’ers: Angel, SkyFly1112, GMranger88 and ThaPrestige
  • Encoders: Shourikan and Someone New (for .mkv) and Angel (for .mp4)
  • Distribution: Shourikan, Angel and Someone new
But that’s not all! There’ll also be some people invited to do some exclusive jobs on the first episode at least. These jobs are:
  • Translation Checkers: Clock Up, PikaMaster11 and Luxiferia (all from Delta/Rampage Subs)
  • Timing Checkers: nemet (from nemetsubs) and Angel

With all these people in I should announce that we now have an assembled team, that means that LFSSS is now a fansub with the “no vacancy” sign turned on, but that does not mean that if you’re still interested in subbing something you shouldn’t come to us. In fact, you should. I will later do another side-page on the blog with something like “Looking for a Fansub for Me” on it, where people that want to be a translator, an editor, a QC’er, a typesetter or whatever can come in and tell what they want to do and meet other people that may want to try on going on a new fansub with them. In fact, Angel from our team is looking to start a fansub of his own “Love & Care Fansubs”, on which there’s already a translator (Shourikan) and a timer (Angel himself) but as far as I know these are the only occupied spots so if you want to talk to talk to him just drop a comment on this post and he’ll answer it.

Now getting back to LFSSS, you people asked for Flashman and you’ll get Flashman. After that’s done will decide what will follow, so please don’t do requests just yet, ok!?

I think that’s all there’s to it for now. I’m working on the first episode’s script as you’re reading, then it will be just a matter of our TLC, TC and QC groups do their jobs, so I guess it’d be safe to assume that you’ll have an episode in here until this week ends. Until then, peace out!!