Author: Shourikan

I'm a rookie translator, currently working on Love & Care's Turboranger, Rampage's english version of Goranger, and helping on JAKQ, too!

The Post We Didn’t Want to Make

Well, well, well. Been six months of no news again, right? Sorry about that, I just thought everyone had forgotten about this place, tbh. Today (yesterday depending on timezones), we got an email notification of a new comment, and I thought it wouldn’t be fair to leave the few remaining fans in the dark.

As you might have noticed, this project is as dead as dead can be. Think Black Condor, that’s how dead it is.

Reasons for this are multiple, but basically I have been swamped with work in all my other projects, and kinda lost contact with Someone New, anyway. He, on the other hand, never got back to me with the episodes we already had. Since I never had contact with the other guys on the team, I couldn’t even ask them whether they received those episodes, and if any work was being done on them.

There’s another reason I’ve hesitated in declaring this dead, and that would be that it’s not my place to do so, since I was never the sole person responsible, much less the only person involved. To all the other guys who helped us in this (failed) venture, thank you for everything. This has been my first group, and no matter how much it didn’t work out in the end, it opened a whole new world for me. A big thank you to everyone who watched our release, too, and gave us feedback.

Well, see you all, then. Hopefully you will follow any future projects our members may have, and hopefully someone will one day bring us joy in the form of fansubbed Flashman. Bye, guys!


Though we may seem dead…

We are not! I’m sure you guys are skeptical, and you should be, after all we vanished back in September, promising Flashman would be back soon, and we never delivered… But this time it is a little different. Right now I can’t say we’ve got a huge backlog of releases for you all, nor that we’re already working on episodes you haven’t seen a thousand times. Though that is the case, I can promise you all one thing: this project is not dead. And I have zero plans to let it die, too. Flashman is the first series I’ve had an interest in subbing, and one of my all-time favorite series, so I will see it subbed, or I will have brought dishonor to myself, my family, and my cow.

I won’t get into much detail as to why we vanished, so let’s just say real life took a toll on both of us, me and Someone New, but we’re fine now. We did, however, take up other commitments in fansubbing (as people who watch Love & Care’s Turboranger might have noticed, for my part – that’s late too, and I’m sorry). Someone New took up helping me and the good folks at Rampage Subs with a project that should be out soon (but I’m not promising anything until I’m sure).

First of all, expect Flashman to be back next month, tops. We won’t release it as a batch anymore, as that didn’t really work out for us, so we’ll restart from 1, and proceed from there at a pace still to be determined. We have revamped everything once more, so that these releases will please everyone. Well, that’s what we hope anyway.

Quoting Someone New for the reason for this post, “I wanted to surprise everyone when we got back because I thought all people thought we were already dead, but after Chris, one of the people that frequently visited the blog made a new comment I realised that not all people think we’re dead, and it wouldn’t be fair to leave them just hanging.”

Well, then, I’ll see you all soon, hopefully, with some Flashman for you to enjoy. If anyone wants me to ellaborate on why the hell we’ve been gone for so long, mail me @ or leave a comment, and I’ll gladly explain everything in detail. See ya, guys!