Call to Arms

How long has it been!?

(Because it kinda feels like a 100 years for me)

Hey people! Sorry I’ve been so long without posting anything, I was just to lazy to do it. It’s great to hear that people liked the liked the first episode, in my opinion it was one of the coolest firsts I’ve seen so far on Sentai, and I think the series itself might be one of the bests as well.

Anyway, moving on to the updates:

  • Schedule: A lot of people have been asking how frequent will the episodes’ releases, and by now you must have noticed it will no be weekly, because we will be doing batches of 5 episodes for each release. This gives us more time to correct and rethink stuff here and there, but also gives you all a good amount of episodes until the next batch. The first batch will have some changes on the typeset style (fonts, sizes, more styles as well; episode 01 included).
  • Movies: People have also been questioning about what we’ll do about the movies. Well, the first movie aired and fits between episodes 02 and 03 (so “02.5”), so that’s when we’ll release it as well, as for the second movie (which is just a theatrical edit of episodes 15 to 18) will be done as well and will be released on the fourth batch of episodes (16 to 20).
  • Status:  We don’t have a release date for the first batch yet, but you’ll be glad to know that episode 02 has already been translated and now we’re going through the movie. Also, first batch will include episodes 01 to 05 + Movie 1.
  • Jobs Available: We’re still in need of an editor to make the lines feel more casual (or else the characters all sound like robots), and now that Shourikan got a job we’re also looking for a timer. nemet has already stood up for it!

So yeah , that’s it for now. The movement is going to even slower around here (I intended to do a post every Monday but I’m just too lazy for it), but I’ll drop you a post every now and then so make sure to visit us any time you can! Until later, people.

P.S. Angel (one of our QC’ers) and Shourikan have been cooking up a new fansub that will debut very soon with another Sentai. So yeah, one more getting subbed, be on the lookout for them. I’ll make a post linking to them when they are officially started.

P.S.S. Congratulations for the team of MegaBeast Empire for finishing Kanpai Senshi After V!!! It was a fun parody of Sentai for a change of pace, and it features some faces known for toku (no one from Sentai, ironically), so make sure to watch it as well. And keep up the good work, MBE!

P.S.S.S. Be on the lookout for nemet as he’s almost finishing his transcribing on Battle Fever J.


Are you dead?

(The answer is: Maybe. I’m not sure…)

Well guys, before anything, this is not your usual “Founder”/battlefeverJNB, this is Someone new talking to you all, I just wanted to drop by to give you some explanations in any ways I can, but I just didn’t knew how to handle it. In any case, here it goes.

First of all, I don’t know what happened to Founder since we only talked through facebook and he stopped answering me over 2 weeks ago. I also don’t know the reason for why he disappeared, maybe it was his life that got busier, maybe he thought he couldn’t go through with the project for whatever reason, I don’t really know, but if anyone talked to him these last couple of weeks it’d be good to have a clarification.

“How are things gonna go from here?”
I have thought over this question a million times since we released Changeman’s 1st episode, and after consideration I though I should say that:

  • I don’t want the project to die, so I’m gonna take upon myself to continue the blog’s life. Yeah, I am kind of “stealing it” but I like to think that I’m actually keeping the cause of having a safe place for new people to start in subbing.
  • As you all can see on this thread started by jfbladex on Tokunation, GUIS will be making their own subs for Changeman, so it’s safe to say that we will not be doing Change anymore, since their subs are actually translated from the Japanese audio so it’ll be 200% percent more accurate translation then we could provide at the time. I suggest all the people to watch their version as well, as I myself will be watching, because after having to watch almost 6 times the first two episodes in 3 different languages, I can honestly say that I got really into the series (but like most of you, I like to watch the most accurate version when possible). So what could we do now? I guess that…
  • … the next project could still be Flashman, what do you guys think!? But yeah, since Founder kinda quit and he was the one that had all the contact with the people  involved in the 1st episode, we’d have to assemble a whole new team before starting another project so consider this yet another chance to join us on it if you’d like! You can leave a comment at the About page at any moment.

Well, I think I said everything I could. Guys, for real, any case any of you’d want to start on it, just come in contact and we’ll try our best to give the community better results than before. For the starting people, we’ll need

  • Translators (translating what the characters say on-screen and text that appears on TV/papers/boards or anything relevant to the episode)  (which can be me, on some cases only);
  • Timer  (people that would be timing the lines with the audio at those seconds and milliseconds);
  • Editor (someone to encode and release the files in other formats besides .mkv);
  • And QC’ers (Quality Control, checking for grammatical and translation errors and such), as much as we can have.

I’d mostly be doing the job of an “overseer” or a bridge for the people that want to form their own fansubs (as was Founder before me). If anyone is interested just leave your information on the contact page, which I will then respond to. I think that’s all (for now, at least).

P.S. Users Angel and Shourikan have showed interest in encoding the files to .mp4 and translating respectively. If any of you guys are interested just let me know.

P.S.S. Check on the sidebar the latest toku episodes released by other fansubs! It will be updated every few hours. If I forget any, just leave a comment at the latest post and I’ll update it.

A good day to be a Sentai fan!

Has it been a great 24 hours for Sentai releases or what???  There’s been a lot happening since my last post, so I will get everyone on the same page momentarily.  Before that, though, I want to mention that I’ve been getting a lot of requests regarding giving our cause help in the form of translations…. BUT, these are coming from companies looking for us to hire and pay people for said translations.  I just want to let everyone know that this is not a subbing group where we pay anyone.  It is merely a fan group that is trying to do a service to the shows we love.  Anyone who wants to translate for those reasons, definitely contact us.  And on that note…

Our good pal jfbladex, who has really been awesome when it comes to compiling information for us, has started his own blog at http://  Check his page out and give him your support as well.  He’s attempting to fill in some gaps for Denjiman(or Denziman, or however you prefer to spell it) and released episode 3.  If anyone wants to help him out, get in contact with him!  I bet he’d love to have a Japanese translator on board for his project to help, so spread the word!

Now then, those releases I mentioned…

tv-nihon released ToQger 19 and Gaim 36

Nemet keeps moving steadily along with Battle Fever J 19

Imagination Station pulled double duty and released Abaranger 30 and 31

Megabeast Empire released Ultraseven 12 and Juspion 18

and of course… Grown Ups in Spandex released Kakuranger 48!

Whew! What a great day all around! Keep it up everyone!

Now, as for Changeman episode 1, I’ve already received some qc’er feedback and I’m hoping to hear more soon, so we can shoot for a release sometime tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I’ve also already begun work on Changeman episode 2, which looks to be an easier episode to do the timing on(hopefully).

Where’s Battle Italy and Battle Germany?

Alright gang, so here’s another small call to arms update!  We have a lot of people offering help right now, and one in particular could be of great use if we can get the right footage.  HowlingSnail left a comment in the previous post and said he would be able to translate if there were any German or Italian subs or dubs that existed for the remaining missing Sentai seasons.  If anyone has any information on this, please let us know in the comments!

A Great Start!

Whew!  What an amazing start!  There’s already a lot to talk about after only one night, so that’s a great sign.  I’ve been contacted by several people to lend a helping hand, and we’ve been given a lot of great advice in the comments of the first blog post.

First things first… we are not technically a subbing group per se.  Although, I am more than willing to make it one and get my own hands dirty to get the ball rolling.  Instead, think of this as a hub where people can form brand new subbing groups, or already established subbing groups can come to ask for extra help to push a stagnant project along.  I would love to have a queue of people lined up to fill in when one subbing group or another suddenly finds themselves without an important staff member.  If you want to make some connections, THIS is the place to do it.  Need help learning how to do some aspect of the subbing process?  Ask us for help!  We might even be able to pair you with someone who already knows that process, so you can eventually go off and do a project of your own.  This whole blog is based on strength in numbers, and we have a great community to pull it off.

Now, where do we begin?  There has been a lot of help in this regard from the previous post.  Special thanks to jfbladex for compiling a breakdown of what needs subbing and who is working on what at the moment.  Also, Someone new(if that is your real name!) provided another fansub guide at  WIth the information provided, I think there are a few great starting points we can work on:  Denziman, Dynaman, Turboranger, and possibly finishing up Changeman by filling in the gaps.  Scissor Jaguar posted a link to Deadfish Subs’ version of Changeman in the previous post and suggested that maybe someone could just fill in those last couple of episodes.  So, the question is…. does anyone know the quality of those subs, and does anyone know if raws for the missing episodes are available.  Please leave a comment if you know further information on those issues, so maybe we can get someone working on it .  The other seasons mentioned seem to have no one working on them at all.  I don’t want to step on the toes of other fansub groups by just finishing something they will probably finish over the next 3 years anyways, but maybe once we’ve filled the glaring gaps we can come together and assist them with those straggling projects.

What else do we need?  TRANSLATORS!  If you know anyone that wants to translate, send them our way! I have people itching to get started and a translator could really move this along much quicker. Chris gave me a solid lead in the previous post, which I will follow up with, so keep your fingers crossed.

Finally, a shout out to those who have already joined the cause.  I got a great reaction from  Thanks to TOQ-1, SkyFly1112, GMranger88, and 146Chris (check out his toku blog at for joining the cause.  Hopefully, we can all get something going very soon!