A Great Start!

Whew!  What an amazing start!  There’s already a lot to talk about after only one night, so that’s a great sign.  I’ve been contacted by several people to lend a helping hand, and we’ve been given a lot of great advice in the comments of the first blog post.

First things first… we are not technically a subbing group per se.  Although, I am more than willing to make it one and get my own hands dirty to get the ball rolling.  Instead, think of this as a hub where people can form brand new subbing groups, or already established subbing groups can come to ask for extra help to push a stagnant project along.  I would love to have a queue of people lined up to fill in when one subbing group or another suddenly finds themselves without an important staff member.  If you want to make some connections, THIS is the place to do it.  Need help learning how to do some aspect of the subbing process?  Ask us for help!  We might even be able to pair you with someone who already knows that process, so you can eventually go off and do a project of your own.  This whole blog is based on strength in numbers, and we have a great community to pull it off.

Now, where do we begin?  There has been a lot of help in this regard from the previous post.  Special thanks to jfbladex for compiling a breakdown of what needs subbing and who is working on what at the moment.  Also, Someone new(if that is your real name!) provided another fansub guide at  WIth the information provided, I think there are a few great starting points we can work on:  Denziman, Dynaman, Turboranger, and possibly finishing up Changeman by filling in the gaps.  Scissor Jaguar posted a link to Deadfish Subs’ version of Changeman in the previous post and suggested that maybe someone could just fill in those last couple of episodes.  So, the question is…. does anyone know the quality of those subs, and does anyone know if raws for the missing episodes are available.  Please leave a comment if you know further information on those issues, so maybe we can get someone working on it .  The other seasons mentioned seem to have no one working on them at all.  I don’t want to step on the toes of other fansub groups by just finishing something they will probably finish over the next 3 years anyways, but maybe once we’ve filled the glaring gaps we can come together and assist them with those straggling projects.

What else do we need?  TRANSLATORS!  If you know anyone that wants to translate, send them our way! I have people itching to get started and a translator could really move this along much quicker. Chris gave me a solid lead in the previous post, which I will follow up with, so keep your fingers crossed.

Finally, a shout out to those who have already joined the cause.  I got a great reaction from  Thanks to TOQ-1, SkyFly1112, GMranger88, and 146Chris (check out his toku blog at for joining the cause.  Hopefully, we can all get something going very soon!


A Call to Arms!

Hey everyone!  Welcome to my blog dedicated to getting every season of Super Sentai fully subbed!  So, how is this going to work exactly?  Well, that’s kind of up to all of you!

First, though, let me give you some background on my Super Sentai watching history and why I want to do this in the first place.  Now, I have seen almost every fully subbed season of Super Sentai up to this point, including a few seasons with the Hong Kong subs.  Obviously, this would not be possible without the wonderful dedication from the subbing groups out there and their hard work has really paid off and given us all some amazing seasons to watch.  Yet, being the greedy, impatient person that I am, I simply haven’t had my fill yet.  I want to be able to watch EVERY season of Super Sentai, but alas… they are not all available for my viewing pleasure quite yet.  However, WE can change that!

Recently, there was a lot of excitement over a fansub group called Bad Apple Fansubs starting work on Goranger, and they were cranking those puppies out at a breakneck pace, and everyone was getting really excited to see that beast of a season finally finished, and and and…. then it all went poof!  Now, I don’t know the specifics on what happened, nor do I really care.  What I DO care about is the outpouring of people who were willing to support the project if that’s what was needed, and thus PMLG-Fansubs picked up the ball and ran with it, deciding to finish the series where Bad Apple left off.  And it made me realize… maybe there were a lot of people out there willing to help and they simply did not have an outlet to express it.  I can imagine some people are intimidated to ask a fansub group that is already cranking on all cylinders to join their fray, especially when they’ve already established a style and translation rules all their own.  So, what can we do as a community to fix that?

Well, I want this blog to be an avenue of communication for all those who want to help.  That means, don’t be afraid to tweet me(@SubSuperSentai) or e-mail me at or leave comments or any other way you see fit.  I want to act as a mediator and hub to put the right people together to help you form subbing groups all your own.

What’s the catch?  Simply put, we need dedication, but not put your life on hold dedication.  I think if anyone wants to jump on board with this project they should prepare to try and release episodes on a bi-weekly basis.  One episode every two weeks is not a killer project.  Also, do not feel obligated to move onto another season when you’ve helped finish one season.  Think of this as the Super Sentai version of paying it forward.  Do your part for a season and hopefully others will jump on board for the other seasons.  But, if you feel like doing more seasons, or subbing faster than 1 episode every 2 weeks, then by all means… go for it!  These are merely suggestions to avoid putting your life on hold just for a tv show, as well as a good way to avoid the dreaded ‘stopped subbing the season halfway through curse.’

The goal I have is to try getting every season subbed within three years.  That’s a good amount of time, and if you choose to do a season, you should not feel rushed, because you will have plenty of time.  We can be patient, just please don’t disappear!  Also, if you do disappear, hopefully this community will be able to quickly establish a replacement to keep the project going.

Where do we begin?  How about seasons that haven’t been touched at all, or barely at all.  I think JAQK would be a good starting point, because it’s the shortest season at only 35 episodes.  Need to know what seasons need subbing?  Check out orendsrange!  This is a great up to date list.  Some of the projects might look like they’ve been started, but haven’t been touched in awhile, so look carefully, and I’ll provide more details on that in a later post.  For now, for those interested in joining this movement, get in touch with me with what season you want to help on and what aspect you can help with(translation, typesetting, timers… etc.), and after you get in contact with me I will post an update with the season you are interested in to see if anyone wants to jump on board to help you.  That’s enough rambling for now.  There’s plenty more to come, so let’s do this!  Let’s sub all of SUPER SENTAI!

P.S. If you want to sub Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes, Ultraman, etc… let me know that too!