Though we may seem dead…

We are not! I’m sure you guys are skeptical, and you should be, after all we vanished back in September, promising Flashman would be back soon, and we never delivered… But this time it is a little different. Right now I can’t say we’ve got a huge backlog of releases for you all, nor that we’re already working on episodes you haven’t seen a thousand times. Though that is the case, I can promise you all one thing: this project is not dead. And I have zero plans to let it die, too. Flashman is the first series I’ve had an interest in subbing, and one of my all-time favorite series, so I will see it subbed, or I will have brought dishonor to myself, my family, and my cow.

I won’t get into much detail as to why we vanished, so let’s just say real life took a toll on both of us, me and Someone New, but we’re fine now. We did, however, take up other commitments in fansubbing (as people who watch Love & Care’s Turboranger might have noticed, for my part – that’s late too, and I’m sorry). Someone New took up helping me and the good folks at Rampage Subs with a project that should be out soon (but I’m not promising anything until I’m sure).

First of all, expect Flashman to be back next month, tops. We won’t release it as a batch anymore, as that didn’t really work out for us, so we’ll restart from 1, and proceed from there at a pace still to be determined. We have revamped everything once more, so that these releases will please everyone. Well, that’s what we hope anyway.

Quoting Someone New for the reason for this post, “I wanted to surprise everyone when we got back because I thought all people thought we were already dead, but after Chris, one of the people that frequently visited the blog made a new comment I realised that not all people think we’re dead, and it wouldn’t be fair to leave them just hanging.”

Well, then, I’ll see you all soon, hopefully, with some Flashman for you to enjoy. If anyone wants me to ellaborate on why the hell we’ve been gone for so long, mail me @ or leave a comment, and I’ll gladly explain everything in detail. See ya, guys!


Fast (as Turbo) Updates

(Read until the end and the picture choice will make sense, I promise!!)

Hello, you all! You guys by now are probably wondering if the blog is dead from the lack of movement this last month, and I’m here just to say WE’RE NOT DEAD! Things just have been moving a little slow so I didn’t really feel the need to write a new post for every single little thing that happened, but I think that from now on I’ll use our Google+ page for it. Well, with that out of the way, let’s go to the little updates:

  • There’s been some changes, mostly from my part, since I decided to follow the advice some people gave me and use different fonts for different styles and for all the time they talk, instead just doing their Prism Flash or when they summon weapons and mecha, and of course, when we release our first batch there’ll be 2 subtitle tracks for the people that find the colors distracting. Also, after the style change I obviously went back and updated the Promo and episodes 01 and 02, so don’t worry about style differences.
  • With Nemet now on the team you guys can expect a little more polishing on the script so that the characters don’t sound like A) they’re robots or B) they’re all the same person.
  • Timing, translation and typesetting for the Movie (02.5) and episode 03 are done, I’m just waiting for the QC input, Nemet has finished 04’s timing and Shourikan has told me he already translated half of it as well, so I’d give an ETA of 2 or 3 weeks until we release batch 1.

I think this is all I have to say about us, but there’s one thing left. Remember the new fansub I told you guys about that Angel, Shourikan and Nemet (I wasn’t aware he was on it at the time, sorry) were building? Well, they’ve dropped it. I’m kidding of course! Here’s their first post with their first project’s first episode! I wish you guys all the luck to finish it, and I really hope you guys make it until the end, Turboranger has always been on my top 5, I just didn’t find the courage to watch it before (plus, their Theme Song is just so awesome!!)

Well, for now that’s all folks, keep an eye on the Google+ page because I’m going to use it for the little updates as soon as I receive ’em. Until then, Someone new here logging off.

It’s here! Again! Flashman 01!

(That’s right! We can’t believe it either!)

Oh yeah people, the dream has come true! One more time! Flashman 01 is here for all of you to enjoy!

Ok, I’m gonna stop it now… Seriously, there’s not much to say about it, it’s the first episode (of many, I hope). I hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed subbing it. As always, please leave feedback on the comments so that we can improve even more on the future releases.

Someone new’s notes:

  • There’s two subtitle tracks because some people thought the styling here and there was distracting, so if you think that as well you can change to the secondary track.
  • A huge thanks for the people at Toku BRewing Inc. for the advice and help they gave during this whole process.
  • Some of the scenes Ra Deus is watching around 02:00 are the same ones that appear on Bioman’s opening for the first 10 episodes.

Shourikan’s disclaimer:

  • This, being our first actual release with me as a translator, marks my debut as a tokusatsu fansubber, and as a translator overall. I really hope it is up to everyone’s standards. Flashman is a great show, and I really wanted to enable everyone to watch and enjoy it the same much as I did. Mad thanks to Someone New, without whom this project would be nothing but an idea in my head and a few scripts on my computer, and to everyone who helped us on this release. The people over @RampageSubs come to mind. Guys, without you all I’d never come as far as releasing an actual episode into the wild. Here’s to hoping you all can keep going with us until the very end of the show!

Links (Updated v2):

It’s here! Changeman Episode 1!

The wait is over!  Our first release is here.  Tonight we bring you episode 1 of Changeman!  Below is a link to the direct downloads for the script and episode.  I will try to get a torrent up tomorrow if possible.  I hope everyone enjoys it.  Just know that we subbed this based of a Portuguese dub, so if there are any mistakes, we do apologize.  We did our best to make it as accurate as possible.  We had a lot of help from our qc’ers and I think our combined knowledge helped clean up a lot of misinterpretations.  Please leave us feedback in the comments!

Changeman episode 1

UPDATE: Link offline until further notice.

So close!

Episode 1 is almost upon us, but not quite yet.  I’m waiting for a few last bits of info before finalizing the release.  After that, it will be a quick upload away to being available for your viewing pleasure.  Episode 2 is moving along nicely too.  I’m probably about halfway done with the timing on it, maybe more, and I’ve got a nice whole weekend to work on it, so yeah… maybe an early next week release if all goes well.  Before we release our work, let’s look at some other releases over the past 24 hours:

TV-Nihon released Daimagin 23

Nemet released Battle Fever J 20

Over-Time released the Kyoryuger Returns: 100 Years After movie

Megabeast Empire released Kanpai Senshi After V 09

PMLG-Fansubs released Kamen Rider Blade 1