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Fast (as Turbo) Updates

(Read until the end and the picture choice will make sense, I promise!!)

Hello, you all! You guys by now are probably wondering if the blog is dead from the lack of movement this last month, and I’m here just to say WE’RE NOT DEAD! Things just have been moving a little slow so I didn’t really feel the need to write a new post for every single little thing that happened, but I think that from now on I’ll use our Google+ page for it. Well, with that out of the way, let’s go to the little updates:

  • There’s been some changes, mostly from my part, since I decided to follow the advice some people gave me and use different fonts for different styles and for all the time they talk, instead just doing their Prism Flash or when they summon weapons and mecha, and of course, when we release our first batch there’ll be 2 subtitle tracks for the people that find the colors distracting. Also, after the style change I obviously went back and updated the Promo and episodes 01 and 02, so don’t worry about style differences.
  • With Nemet now on the team you guys can expect a little more polishing on the script so that the characters don’t sound like A) they’re robots or B) they’re all the same person.
  • Timing, translation and typesetting for the Movie (02.5) and episode 03 are done, I’m just waiting for the QC input, Nemet has finished 04’s timing and Shourikan has told me he already translated half of it as well, so I’d give an ETA of 2 or 3 weeks until we release batch 1.

I think this is all I have to say about us, but there’s one thing left. Remember the new fansub I told you guys about that Angel, Shourikan and Nemet (I wasn’t aware he was on it at the time, sorry) were building? Well, they’ve dropped it. I’m kidding of course! Here’s their first post with their first project’s first episode! I wish you guys all the luck to finish it, and I really hope you guys make it until the end, Turboranger has always been on my top 5, I just didn’t find the courage to watch it before (plus, their Theme Song is just so awesome!!)

Well, for now that’s all folks, keep an eye on the Google+ page because I’m going to use it for the little updates as soon as I receive ’em. Until then, Someone new here logging off.


So close!

Episode 1 is almost upon us, but not quite yet.  I’m waiting for a few last bits of info before finalizing the release.  After that, it will be a quick upload away to being available for your viewing pleasure.  Episode 2 is moving along nicely too.  I’m probably about halfway done with the timing on it, maybe more, and I’ve got a nice whole weekend to work on it, so yeah… maybe an early next week release if all goes well.  Before we release our work, let’s look at some other releases over the past 24 hours:

TV-Nihon released Daimagin 23

Nemet released Battle Fever J 20

Over-Time released the Kyoryuger Returns: 100 Years After movie

Megabeast Empire released Kanpai Senshi After V 09

PMLG-Fansubs released Kamen Rider Blade 1

A good day to be a Sentai fan!

Has it been a great 24 hours for Sentai releases or what???  There’s been a lot happening since my last post, so I will get everyone on the same page momentarily.  Before that, though, I want to mention that I’ve been getting a lot of requests regarding giving our cause help in the form of translations…. BUT, these are coming from companies looking for us to hire and pay people for said translations.  I just want to let everyone know that this is not a subbing group where we pay anyone.  It is merely a fan group that is trying to do a service to the shows we love.  Anyone who wants to translate for those reasons, definitely contact us.  And on that note…

Our good pal jfbladex, who has really been awesome when it comes to compiling information for us, has started his own blog at http://http://neosakana.wordpress.com/.wordpress.com/.  Check his page out and give him your support as well.  He’s attempting to fill in some gaps for Denjiman(or Denziman, or however you prefer to spell it) and released episode 3.  If anyone wants to help him out, get in contact with him!  I bet he’d love to have a Japanese translator on board for his project to help, so spread the word!

Now then, those releases I mentioned…

tv-nihon released ToQger 19 and Gaim 36

Nemet keeps moving steadily along with Battle Fever J 19

Imagination Station pulled double duty and released Abaranger 30 and 31

Megabeast Empire released Ultraseven 12 and Juspion 18

and of course… Grown Ups in Spandex released Kakuranger 48!

Whew! What a great day all around! Keep it up everyone!

Now, as for Changeman episode 1, I’ve already received some qc’er feedback and I’m hoping to hear more soon, so we can shoot for a release sometime tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I’ve also already begun work on Changeman episode 2, which looks to be an easier episode to do the timing on(hopefully).

Rest day!

Episode 1’s timing is complete! This puppy should be off to the qc’ers either tonight or tomorrow.  I’m shooting for a Friday release, so we’ll see how that works out.  As for how we plan to release the episodes… I spent a good 2 hours trying to figure out how to hardsub the episodes and discovered that my computers hate all the software required to do such a thing.  With that in mind, we will probably just release the episodes with softsubs for the time being.  If anyone is a hardsubbing champion and wants to hardsub the episodes for us, please let us know and we’ll release those as well.  I tested the softsubs on my ps3 with ps3 media server last night and it looked great!

Today is kind of a break day for me, because I cranked out a lot of timing last night and barely slept, so yeah… that’s why I wish I had that amazing sleeping bag above.  As for releases…

Nemet does it again with Battle Fever J 18!

Over-time released ToQger 19.

And I think that does it.  If I missed one… you know the drill!



Almost there!

Only a few more lines to go and the rough draft for Episode 1’s timing will be complete! Woot to the woot!  Also, I’ve never seen this season, but it already looks absolutely amazing!  I hope the qc’ers are ready and raring to go, because you will probably get to help us out starting tomorrow.  Get amped about it!

As for releases…

Nemet released Battle Fever J 17.

I think that’s about it.  So… support Nemet and download the snot of his work!